Sunday, April 1, 2012

2 today

This amazing miracle baby girl is 2 years old today.

2 years ago today Paysen grace made her dramatic entrance into this world 2 months early,  unexpected emergency c-section tinsy tiny as can be,  airvac to the valley for a long staty in the nicu... what seemed like the most scary grueling up and downs of our lives for the next month turned into the most wonderful humbling gift! God sent Kyle and I an angel baby who really saved all of our lives in so many ways, Happy Birthday our big healthy happy two year old baby girl!
We love you so very much!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Kyle and I got to go to Vegas last week on an all expenses paid for trip by his company! Kyle won the trip because he one of the top sales in his region,  I am so super proud of him he is just amazing in so many ways. I will admit it was so rough for me to leave our kids for four days I have never been away from them like that ever but after the second day of being there I finally got it together stopped crying every time I talked to them and had lightened up and knew they were safe in grandparents hands!  It was such a nice treat for us we don't ever get to do anything like this so it was really wonderful and it was so nice getting to spend one on one time with my husband!  It was a first class trip all the way, we did shopping, zip lining, went to the pawn stars shop, met rick from pawn stars had fancy dinners, breakfast's and lunches, stayed at the Wynn went the a show called  Le reve, it was amazing just an amazing all around trip! After four days of being away from our babies it was wonderful to come home to their smiling faces and get kisses and hugs!!! Love them!!!

with lots of love

Monday, February 20, 2012


Obsessing over:  cardigans sweaters, my new camera, toms for my kiddos

Working on:  the kids scrapbooks

Thinking about: Projects to do, goals for this year, summer, birthdays, budgeting, our house,

Anticipating:  Pays and Talens birthday, another year together, vacation planning

Listing too:  tv, my kids playing and running around

Drinking: diet peach snapples yum

Wishing: and hoping

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Totally and absolutely in love with these 3!  Valentines has started out super great! Hope you have a good v-day, enjoy,snuggle,and hold tight the ones you love:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Has it really been over a year since my last post!?? Oh goodness my apologies, It's A Slone thing lol, I just need to get a Facebook account and go that route, but eh what the heck I kinda miss the blog! Its a new year, new start, new blog! lol
   We are all doing wonderful... Kyle is great, I am great, Talen and Paysen are extra great! Talen goes to preschool for a bit in the morning 3 days a week for 3 hrs he is such a  big boy and will be 4 in May holly heck! and miss Paysen is a walking talking jibbering little sass who will be 2 in April and is growing up way too fast for me, I know crazy huh!?
   Our little lives have been crazy super busy and I cant ever find the time to get on but I really am going to do this I promise, I will keep what everyone posted :) Welcome to the new blog Till next time!